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Friday, March 23, 2007

Today, I paid full price $24.00 for the Happy Feet video from a small video store. I told the guy that I could have bought the video at Wal Mart for $15.87. He said, I would be supporting poverty. Instead of creating my own ? I smiled at him.
He said, well, they use welfare for their health care. I said, Do you have health care working here? NO, but we get paid better working here. I just kind of laughed. I said, I know I am doing the right thing buying the video here.

Pooks will tell you why. She was the inspiration for my green light bulbs on St. Patricks Day idea. We have to walk the talk people. She really does it. A green goddess


Bacchus said...

We made the decision awhile ago to never shop at Walmarts for those reasons. I hate to see the cycle of poverty these companies create. I like to call it the democracy of the dollar.

We also try to cater our spending to our local economy. For us that means supporting LGBT businesses first. For others it might mean supporting women owned business, etc... Our dollars can say a lot more about us.

How is Happy Feet? I haven't seen a movie since we adopted our son. I almost forget what it is like to go see a movie somewhere else.

Jippy said...

Happy feet was great, too much of a story for your little one but the music would make up for it until he was ready for the story. Are you watching baby Einstein? What would I have turned out like if I was raised by two fathers? I'd be a super woman. Ironic isn't it. lol

"democracy of the dollar" good term!

pooks said...

"Democracy of the dollar," indeed.

Jippy, I hope you enjoy you DVD so much that it's worth the extra cash.

And Baby Einstein is fabulous.

Jippy said...

Zach watches so many videos in the hospital and when he is sick. I almost buy every kid movie DVD and some of them more than once. we've gone through three Robin Hoods, two Spirited Away and I have a reserve copy of Triplets of Belville. ( I've trained him to cover his eyes during "the booby dance" ) Baby Einstein I've bought on VHS and DVD because I had too.... When it distracts him from his pain......It's worth every penny I pay for them.

pooks said...

The Triplets of Bellville! You are raising a kid with sophisticated tastes. Great job!