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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

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I was inspired by Pooks. You should check out the comments. I think I should paint my kitchen blue. It's a cherry Yellow right now. When I was married we had black and white fiesta plates and now I have Pink, Purple and white. Which one makes you want to eat ?

Notice I said eat....and not referring to the food I have on the plate. That chicken is orange because I forgot about it and it was starting to burn so I put some water in there and it turned everything orange. So not even the cat wanted it until I rinsed it off and cut off the outside. LOL But my plates are cute.

Pooks Blue Plate Special


Amy W said...

I have the blue fiesta plates. Blue is my favorite color, so yes, I think you should paint your kitchen blue :).

max said...

I have to go with the pink plates there.

pooks said...

Hmm. From those pics, I think I might choose the white, but I think in person I'd choose the purple. I could be wrong, but looking at that lemon, it appears that maybe the colors aren't quite as saturated as they would be in person. (The purple looked almost brown on my computer, for example.)

I like yellow kitchens! But I like green a lot, too, if it's the right shade. Blue, too. I just like color!

molly_g said...

Hi Jippy! I have fiesta as well, and have pretty much one plate of each of the bolder colours (no pastels). By far, my favorite plate to eat pretty much anything on is the orange-ish one, I think it's called persimmon. But by far, coffee MUST be drunk from the yellow mug. I love their mugs. It's why I have fiesta ware in the first place!!!

Jippy said...

Amy, My Nan, had the blue fiesta and that started the dibs on favorite fiesta colors. I like having a mix.

Max, Pink is the best!

Pooks, You are so right! Purple did not photo well. It's really deep but reflective too. I think you'd like it based on your blue plate pic.

Molly, the persimmon is a gorgeous color, zach has little yellow snack bowls. It's a lovely yellow. I need to get the mugs. I just had the cups and I don't like them.

One sister asked me to steal the lilac water pitcher and matching cups from another sister ...... Don't ask me what I did to get the pink serving bowl. : ) Fiesta is fun!