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Friday, June 15, 2007

Go ask Alice

Go ask Alice
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I have been freaking out but yeah..... I still get proactive and low and behold..... GOOD NEWS!

I got a surgery date of July 5th! With a plastic surgeon to work on Zach's mouth....removing wisdom teeth and hopefully placing an incisor into the right spot or pulling it..... this is the man who can save his tooth!

I went to the hosp. Got a new brace for his a new perscription to increase his pain meds....stopped in to make them face me...... I looked the surgery scheduler right in the eye and said I had to come to increase his pain meds. Ok so there are seven pts. waiting for an opening. An opening came up today..... was she going to call me? NO! But face to face what can she do???
Listen, if someone said, this kid is more medically urgent than your kid...... I would wait.....It's just that competitive in to get good healthcare. I fought for it and I won. July 5th is in three weeks. I am ready and then we will recover and damn it .......this should be the last of teething issues!! ( I've said that for about four years now) This time I really mean it. Sometimes I wonder how the hell I can be such a mess and yet still do the right thing for Zach.... I just get so intense sometimes.... For lack of a better word..... I feel like saying a prayer....sending some those seven other suffering kids waiting for their surgery..... Some mom's just can't call everyday and then show up when they feel tugged in that direction. But damn I am in tune! Rockstar mom! I took zach and the nanny and myself out for frozen yogurt on the way home! I did it...


max said...

That is very good news.

Christina said...

oh noes! seems just like me, the day AFTER a holiday, Zach's going to have his teeth pulled. Mine was the day after Mum's Day. it's been a bit over a month, and it still feels wierd. i was sleeping a lot those first 3 weeks, just so i wouldn't feel the pain.

so i hope Zach gets thru it ok...i'll be rootin for him.

Sabina said...

Good for you guys! I'm so glad to hear that you've both got some big time relief headed your way.

Miriam said...

Way to go with following the tug you felt to get down there & go face to face. Yay!