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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Getto train

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You were wondering how I do it?
I pull from the front!
Mostly, I avoid this and plan accordingly but we ran out of his fav chips and I paid the price for it!

Zach is an excellent shopper!
6 bags or French onion Sun CHips
6 bags of Funions
8 bags of gummie Lifesavers
4 boxes of red vines
1 case of sprite
1 case of diet coke plus for mommy ( thanks Zach)
1 bag of cheetos for the nanny or any cousin stopping by.


Christina said...

ooo i love funions and cheetos!! but mostly i prefer Rold Gold Pretzel rods.

Jippy said...

we already had some of those at home, me and zach would have a great muchie night!

Christina said...

woooo party then! i'll bring my own case of coke.

Miriam said...

We roll with the diet coke plus, also. Because who wouldn't want more chemically goodness in a caffeinated beverage?

Thinking of you guys!