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Monday, June 11, 2007

So mom gets a chance to read The Cleaner by Brett Battles

So mom gets a chance to read The Cleaner by Brett Battles
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To help put me out of my misery, Brett decided to send me an ARC (advance reading copy) of his book The Cleaner! Aw how sweet!

If you go to his website by 6pm tonight Mon. ( whatever day it is today....OMG) Leave the name of your all time favorite book and you are entered into the contest to win an ARC of The Cleaner!

Today's Contest! 4 ARC of The Cleaner

In order to get a chance to read a good bit of it ( which you'll be burning to do) I took Zach to the South Pasadena Library. We have never been in that library. It's a tree that has playdates with all the local toddlers, teens sit to text, artist come to sketch and moms come to breathe and read.

Thank you Brett! Jonathan Quinn is one very intriguing man ( and ladies trust me you'll like him!) You want to rip through the book but then, you want him to be your friend just a little while longer.

If you think in pictures and like a book that will let your mind roll film in your inner theatre, You'll love the way Brett writes!!! I love it!


Brett Battles said...

Great picture! Thank you for sharing that.

Jippy said...

The picture reminds me of all the little boys who got to play with guns. And some little girls played with guns too! Until a couple of cops starting shooting kids with toy guns ( and it's hard to blame them with the drug dealers using the elementary school kids to do the dirty work) Thankfully, Zach is more of a bow and arrow kid. : )

Miriam said...

Jippy- sorry, this is totally a non-sequitur, but I hear this is a good article:,1,7455324.story?ctrack=2&cset=true

I'll check out the book!

Jippy said...

Thanks Miriam!

Joy said...

Jip, how are you doll?

Jippy said...

Joy Yay! You found my blogger blog!