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Saturday, June 23, 2007


I liked it.
I wasn't angry over slipping in a "shut up mom " or a grown up joke.
I wasn't put off by the moral message.
Morgan Freeman wasn't in the film enough..... : ) A little more god please.
I wasn't put off by the political message
It was tame compated to what we already get.
There was a little nail biting for Zach but he wasn't too scared or anxious.
His first action flick....well the ending was moving!
The funny was funny but really funny to a little boy....... I had to love it..... Zach laughing!

We will have to go again.....

OK I don't know if I liked it that much but I was thrilled watching my kid watching a movie!

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Miriam said...

We just saw it tonight and thought it was great!

I totally laughed out loud at the metrosexual schtick... and I was all by myself in a semi-crowded theater, laughing here in Portland. My cellist was a total metro, and proud of it, so it just struck me.

Thought they'd do more with the "eldest son" thing, but maybe they ran out of time/budget. Did you hear it was a "green" operation? Wonder if more studios will go that route.

J liked it, too. We'd take Zach anytime, or rent it and supply the chips.

For me, Morgan Freeman could play just about anything and I'd love it.