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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A miracle just in time

I am starting to get into the idea of change.
The panic and fear all went away with the hangover.
I am really proud of myself for being honest about my feelings.
Before I just died inside
Just prayed to a god I was furious at and laughed like a crazy person at the irony

I have a strange and powerful optimism
it just shows up and I think bright good thoughts and forget the bad quickly
with no proof I believe things will shake up and land in a better place.......hmmmmm

Zachary is really gettting very verbal lately
he's quoting commercials and he is taking those words into the world and other conversations
I am floored by this.........
I always wanted to talk with Zachary........
He has been helping me pick out shirts for him.
Now I can ask him do you want to wear the shirt with the tree on it or the sword shirt.
What timing for a miracle


Rice said...

Oh how happy I was to read this post today. If anyone deserves a miracle it is you. Your strength inspires me.

LoLo said...

I'm so glad you are seeing thru it. It takes real insight and enlightment to pull the good out of a stressful and scary situation. You have the Zen:)

He is talking so good now! It was awesome to see him communicating so well the last few times I've seen you guys. Zachary rocks!

Did you have time to check out the zip for the place I told you about? I still gotta get the ph#!

Miriam said...

I agree with Lolo. Your kungfu is strong.

Jippy said...

Thanks ......I was a little shaky there but I am highly motivated and taking care of business.

Amy W said...

I was happy as well to read this. And the pictures are great! I am glad you made it to the zoo....

Michele_3 said...

So happy that Zach is talking for you-Good things happen & they will keep coming to you both- It is the waiting & little detours in between that gets hard...

Thank you so much for your comments on my posts, I am hanging in there- taking each day as they come & still counting my blessings along the way..
I love what you wrote about me just being "me"- no matter weak or strong for the moment-It made so much sense to me!! I appreciate your support & love how you just get it & know I am here for you as well friend!