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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Drink so they can take out the IV !

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Was mommy a little pushy? Drink so they can take out your IV. I did think of it in advance and came prepared with his own personal Turtle Cup. I got the little turtle sippie cup at Starbucks. It is the best seal I've ever had on a sippy cup. It' s my favorite cup I've ever gotten for him. He isn't into styrofoam ( who is?) and it's hard to find a nurse every time you need to get a new cup. It's a cute turtle and boy stuff is harder to find than cute princess paraphernalia. I think he did drink a little more and sooner with a nice cup. I get some green points for the environment too. Also check out the piano body pillow in the back ground. My sister told me she got lots of looks as she walked to our room. You know a pro family when they don't have balloons or flowers but they have comfy pillows and fun sippy cups! Alright so there is some pink on the pillow, Zach said it's still cool and so it is......


Christina said...

i want a turtle cup. yesterday i tried drinkin coke from out of the can AND eating from an ice cream cone. It was very uncomfortable for both. Oh well.

Jippy said...

I know the cup turned out to be a big hit! Zach wants chips so bad!