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Friday, June 15, 2007


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This cracks me up but it also explains my day.....First I play saint and go to the hospital. We pick up a new brace for his leg. We pick up a new perscription because we are uping his dose. Then I have to take care of business. Zachary's TV broke and do did the lamp in his room.
My goodness defective or what? Over use still a lamp and a tv from the movie CARs should still be working. You know he uses movies to help him deal with pain. He watches animal planet waiting for the meds to kick in.
I wish I had the name of the arrtist that painted this photo ....I am going to come back and post the name.


Christina said...

wow...that is really cool. if there was a painting like that on the ceiling of a supermarket here...i'd be too busy staring at it than shopping. heheh

Miriam said...

That there's a painting by Kate Kretz, who blogs about it here:

Also, sucky breakable electronics! Here's hoping you keep reciepts.

Miriam said...

Geeze, I can never spell "receipts" right. How is it I don't notice until after I hit, Publish?? At least it's in good company among the piles of lazily spelled stuff over on my blog. Meh.