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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Movies and Morphine

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Distraction is the second best way to deal with pain. He got to download the imperors new groove from Itunes before we went to the hospital. He patterns on tech stuff. He has to watch Ic e Age on his Ipod and then maybe he can watch something else. Ice Age was the first movie he watched on the Ipod. Was I smart enough to be careful what movie he watched on the computer first? Depends on if you think Aristocats is a good one or not? Only kidding I picked long ones with music to help him sleep. Sometimes it works. Could it be the morphine? why chance it, pull out all the stops.


Miriam said...

We just got back in town (and to my computer!), and I am so glad to see it seems to have gone well. The pictures made me cringe, except this one where he looks pretty comfy with his washcloth, laptop and mama.

Thinking of you both!! Here's to a simple recovery.

Jippy said...

Thank you for checking in. He's missing his favorite foods.