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Monday, June 25, 2007

My butterfly

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He choose a book, Butterfly and Moth.
So we are chilling, waiting for his surgery.
the pain is intense. He had his pre-op appointment.
He got really nerveous and passed out.
So I am on operation relax the boy.
I am feeling ok and slightly positive about it.
They call tomorrow and tell us when the surgery is.
We still have to go in first thing in the morning to get on an IV
that will be good because his pain will be undercontrol
Sounds like a lot of waiting for mom.
I want to come home by Friday and I want him to walk as well as he can now.


Amy W said...

Update us on the surgery when you get a chance...I will be thinking about you guys.

Michele_3 said...

please update us & let us know how it all goes..
Your in my thoughts!!!