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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

when he sleeps
I look through his face
my mind can not believe
a presence
it chokes my soul
I can't breathe or open my eyes
a beautiful truth comes
twined together
I defend his life
his suffering is ancient
and so is my love

Thanks so much for your concern. We go in 5:30 am and get upstairs right away for an IV and then in surgery by 7am. This lessons the chance of getting bumped by an emergency. Also it makes it easier on his body. He will have D10 ( sugar) and morphine). I am kind of jealous.....just kidding. He has a great team of doctors and I feel ready for this.

My sister Kathryn has been so helpful. She is such a comfort to Zach during these times. She has a gift and knows how to come in and make him feel cozy. My BFF LoLo will stop by I am sure. And then of course he beloved MS. Thea will be checking on the cat Mon Cheri. As well as us. It would be great to be home by Friday.


Bacchus said...

My thoughts are with you both. Sending good thoughts for comfort and strength.

Michele_3 said...

I will keep you & Zach in my prayers & send nothing but strong,good vibes your way!!
Sounds like you got a good support system there with you-
Keep us updated!!

Brett Battles said...

Thinking of you! Hope all went well!!

Christina said...

wierd...but i think i'm connected to Zach...cuz my mouth was acting up today, when it had been fine for a couple weeks now.

i sure hope y'all are doing fine, though.

cinemagypsy said...

"it chokes my soul"

Can't think of better words to describe the feeling of watching your child suffer.

Hope Zach pulls through real quickly.