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Friday, December 15, 2006


Hospital day today. I have had quite a break from it. I think it's been a couple of weeks! I'm actually looking forward to seeing the doctors today. They'll have lots to say about my documentary. I am trying to find the most beneficial point of view for the project. I want it to be educational for medical professionals and helpful to other kids suffering. I feel bad for kids suffering out there, not knowing that they can have help. Even to this day I hear that kids with autism don't feel pain. Zach's pain isn't necessarily related to autism.

We would be dead if it weren't for the pain team. If by any chance you are want of a good place to donate this holiday season. Go to my side bar and click on pain pain go away. It will take you to the Magic clinic. Making aches go away in children.

Zach has done really well except the freak out at the book store. OK that's not true. He's coming off as doing really well because he isn't doing too much.

He's mad at his cat right now and it's funny! He is also mad at the alarm clock. I find it cute and I hate myself for it. I dated this man boy once and he loved it when I was pissed. Apparently I am cute when I mad.......


mcewen said...

Not feeling pain - I have one that doesn't, and one that does, but that's the spectrum for you. Best wishes

Miriam said...

I don't know much about Zach's stuff, but I am so sorry he is in pain, you are in pain. The Oprah thing is funny- I love her, but how does she really choose guests? You do seem to have one of those lives that would be fascinating to a viewer. Maybe she could find some ways to help you and Zach, and there's always that whole, "your story will help so many others" thing.

Jippy said...

Miriam, the contest for Oprah is in her January Issue of O Magazine and it's really a contest 50 words or less of why you deserve the retreat.

I am doing my doc so that my story helps others. I think i am starting with a PSA about Autism and Pain.
I do hate when people go on her show for one last hurah in the public eye and say that they just want there story to hep others....( uh yeah don't do porn when you can't get a real acting role). I mean it's a joke sometimes. Except the ones like the one with the baby oil. I never knew a baby could inhale it.....

Jippy said...

Zach didn't feel external pain for a long time and still it's crazy how much he can tolerate. I used role play to teach him to come to me when he got hurt. His dad ( my ex) had him a tub and it was too hot Z didn't respond at all.....poor baby. Internal pain in Z is amplified to the point of excruiating pain just from normal bodily functions. I don't know how you do what you do with two autistic kids. Thank you for your comment. You must be one very busy person!

cinemagypsy said...

Psychological pain can be worse than physical pain, I've seen both while working in hospitals. The really sad thing is that many medical professionals as well as the general public can't comprehend this.
The thing about psychological pain is you can't see it on an x-ray, or open someone up and take it out. Without the usual "evidence" it's difficult for some to accept that it exists. It is like a ghost or phantom.

I remember when I was a teenager "science" did not accept that women had cramps with their menstrual cycle. I knew damn well I had cramps.

Jippy said...

I remember that about cramps! I can't imagine not starting my day with motrin when I have cramps.
I hope to get a message out about pain. I know women who can have a headache half a day and ignore it. Not even compassionate to ones own pain..... until it can't be ignored.