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Sunday, December 31, 2006

15 Seconds of Fame!

You Tube Set UP

Free Video Formating

How I made my You Tube Videos.
I used my camera and pressed video.
I played a joke on my awesome sister and pain in the arse brother in law be..

I impoted one video into I photo.
The first time, it did NOT auto format into MPG.
I imported it into Final Cut and then back out. ( one try it turned into IDVD format)
Next time Iphoto just made the video into MPG.

Once it's in MPG format you go to your You Tube account which is your own Channel! Cool.
My Channel
I don't advise calling your sister a narcissist, even if it's part of a joke that actually means that you are the real narcissist!

You go to your channel and find the button that says upload. Then you wait patiently!
I mean it can take time and if your not in MPG or you are over the time limit. I think it's ten mins.
You'll wait forever and then get an error message. Like I did. I would rather learn by trial and error.

It keeps me humble and reading the directions when you're A D D and dislexic sucks.
NOT HELPFUL AT ALL! I know it worked like a fluke or something....... But I did it twice.
Ok ok on my next couple of tries, I will completely understand the process.

But don't wait for me! I guess 2006 is the Year of YOU! YOU don't have much time left!
Go leave a New Years Video log for day one of 2007!

My sister is getting a lot of views and two whole people have subscribed to my channel. Now I have to make some more videos for my public. My people........ok, I think it was a mistake when they joined but hell, I'll take it, you have to start somewhere.

When I trip over myself and learn how to transfer my digital video to You Tube, I will put up my promo for my documentary on Pain Disorder in Autism. Hey it can't be any worse than what's showing in the top 50 right now. Uhhh anyone in the mood for a game of Hang Man?? No, I haven't watched any of them.....Did you?

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Tanginika-Simone said...

Happy New Year!!!Hope the movie is a success. Thanks for the visit.