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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Saved by the pie. I took Zach out for breakfast. Trying to get someone with autism out of the house when they don't want to go is a challenge. Becasue of his mitochondrial disorder, I ordered pumkin pie. He took forever to eat it. He actually peels off the top layer, avoids the crust and cuts his bites into even square pieces and makes sure they are perfectly placed on his fork. That used to be my job. I helped him a little, I was enjoying my coffee, when I heard this little sweet voice say...... This is milk, I don't drink milk. I looked around to see who said that. It was Zach! He had a kids cup so I couldn't see what was in there. He reached over and took my water and drank it. I was so impressed that he told me what was wrong and fixed the situation. AHHHH what a great relief to see him so calm and communicating. I hoped the pie would stimilate his appetite for the rest of the day. I am still not used to the high carb diet for him and it feels wrong but works. The pie keeps us out of the ER but he hasn't bounced back yet. I think we'll make it. Really, the IV is so helpful it's not the end of the world if we have to go get it. The last time we went in, they had it ready and waiting for us. We were back home in under six hours. We used to show up and go through hell to convice them to give it to him. I'd have Dr. Joseph ( pain doc) call in and explain that it works and they'd do it out of respect for him. Now, we belong to the Genetics Clinic and they roll out the red carpet for us. It's awesome! In the begining, I was reluctant to have a lable put on Zach and avoided medication. Now, I think more lables, more help. I guess it would be differnet if he could attend public school. We have tired. ...... My brother died when he was 15. He never was as strong as Zach. If Zach is going to have a short life then why not pie for breakfast?


cinemagypsy said...

It's amazing the things I take for granted raising healthy children.

Sorry about your brother. No one should lose a brother that young. Or child.

Jippy said...

I am in love with Zach. I spend the day with my niece and I am like......woa.....she talks a lot! LOL I am kidding but if you want to work on your psychic abilities hang out with one of these kids.
He is also a human lie detector. It's an interesting experience. I used to say that I was totally prepared to be the perfect mother to a mini me. ..... LOL What a bore that would have been. Zach and I are having a very human experience. My brother on the other hand truly touched people deeply. He indeed had a life free of sin. What ever that means......... he was a teacher and my sense of home. I still feel him.
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