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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I stumbled on this, clicking through a comment on, The Show Must Go ON,Ape saidGo to Long Awkward Pose. A writer from Mad TV plays pranks pretending to take a picture, she video tapes them as they wait for her to take the shot. You have to go see her father! scroll down for dad What you do, tell them ( in this case Jose) that you are taking their picture. Hit video on the camera and capture the long askward pose! Keep it up, until they figure it out or you tell them. This is my soon to be brother in law. He's a French man and he loves to give me a hard time. Pay Back baby! This is so funny. He's a jolly fellow. It's Christmas so the lights are low but it's still worth it. So check out my bro Jose...... I did it to my sister and nephew and will post them on my U Tube ChannelJippyJabber Channel as soon as I figure it all out. These videos are dark but worth it.


cinemagypsy said...

This is hilarious. Just as funny as the ones on that website.

Jippy said...

I finally submitted them to the site. I forgot some info that they asked for but they have my email. I don't see that they update the site much. There lots of them on You Tube though.