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Thursday, December 28, 2006

I am tired, just thinking about this Behaviorial plan makes it worse. I just need to re-evaluate the plan. I also want to capture all the behaviors on film. I have most of them. The mitochondrial stuff, isn't reflected in this plan. Not enough to be efficent. I am still learning. I know that the Holidays have taken a toll on him. Me too. I watched lame tv and well it helped a bit. I want the next year to be more fun for Zach but I don't want to over do it. I can barely post on time so I decided to find something I wrote already. Ironically, I ran across the very thing that is running me down. I am worried about Zach. Just that nagging worry that is underlying and dragging you down. I made it through Christmas. now New Years, and then it's his Birthday. It's a time of change and usually a big growth spurt for him. What will this New year be like for us? I need to think this through. I need to do it without getting stuck in a loop. I mean I can't look for answers. I need to try new things. I need to be ready for these things to NOT work and then just try something different. What to do about Zach? I just need to remember that he's got his own soul and this is his life's karma. It's our life but it's something we just live and take the journey together. It's tricky to make change. I can't force things as much as I want to CONTROL the situation, force never works.
I have the old plan listed at the bottom. You know the sorry truth is that I need a Jippy Plan too.



Pain Management Plan

-Determine if behavior is a pain response or not
-Give medication according to prescription

Behavioral warning signs with possibility to redirect or may progress into need for medication

- Facial grimaces
- Hand twisting
-Slightly jumping up and down
-Body twitching
-Increased hand persevering
-Standing and sitting repetitively and quickly
-Agitation noises
-Vomiting or refusal to eat

Determining Pain Behavior

- Redirect and watch for signs to return with in 20 min or less.

- Asking, Do you need medicine?

Behavioral warning signs for immediate medication

-Rolling tongue behind teeth
-Biting hands
-Hitting head
-Verbal complaints

Comforting and Calming

-Give cold cloth to bite on

-Give medication

-Encourage him to drink water

-Place him in bean bag chair and try to have a calm quiet environment until medication takes affect.-

-if he is lethargic and unmotivated. He needs juice and candy immediately.
- give him a nap. Let him rest.
-make sure he gets some activity daily.


-resume day
-arrange for him to go to hospital.

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cinemagypsy said...

You are approaching this correctly. Your plan looks very much like the nursing care plans we do.
It is tough, I know, but you have got to put yourself in there too, you need some rest sometimes. And there is nothing wrong with sitting back and watching some dumb old tv to relax.