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Saturday, December 23, 2006

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Please be good to Zach, Santa, he's been really really good. Super Zach He's my reason for living and he's worked hard to get himself out of a wheelchair and walking again. I am so proud. I am wrapping and making bows. Doing laundry and sending my nephew out on errand after errand. I can hear Zach sing, He's coming to town. He tells me, Mommy, It's Christmas. My little guy really is the reason for the season. I asked him, DO you believe Zach? I do belive. I do. SWEET!
How can Santa resist my Super Man?

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Jippy said...

We left the hosp. still in his pj's and went straight to Hollywood Blvd. To see the Cars of Cars. I mean we live here......we get to do these fun things. I am so glad we did it and that we have these photos to remember it.