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Thursday, December 14, 2006

One of the men, in the group that owns my building, asked me, to show him my tits. Yesterday, I went in to his restaurant make sure he knew I was not moving and to make sure I wasn't charged a late fee. I did tell him that I do need to move eventually because of Zachary's leg hurting and the occasional use of a wheel chair. Oh that's too sad for the little guy. Why don't you step in here for a moment. It felt really dirty and I laughed at him. He was really excited like he was going to get a peak. He gently guided me towards the vegie refridgerators in the back spouting out compliments that don't apply to me. I fixated on the big refridgerator doors and a mini snuff movie played in my head. I really had a hard time breathing for a minute.
I just felt like I had been in some time warp or something. Wait am I 19 again? I am not one of your waitresses. I have seen him slide his hand across the ass of a waitress and she didn't respond in any way. I guess it's job security of another kind. I know it happens when 99 percent of your being is against what is going on and you just wind up curious as hell about that 1 percent. It's a piece of you that you are rarely aware of so how can you fix it when it's so quiet most of the time. A lurking devil inside that awakens in the mist of other devils.

When I was in the sixth grade all the boys. I mean all the boys from all three six grade classes signed their name on a statue commending my bra. Yeah, Congratulation to your bra it's held up well. I know some of the boys signed some of the other boys names just so everyone was equally represented. Also the statue was for a secretary and they had to scratch part of it off to make it read just right. How proud and happy they were to present this to me. I was absolutely devastated. I wanted to go home immediately and I did. I ran home sort of crying, sort of in shock and then there was some sort of daze I could not understand. One by one the face of boy after boy looking at my tits flashed before my eyes and I don't remember how I got home.

My mom was proud of it and wanted to place it on the bookshelf. I just didn't have her sense of humor. Three times I threw it out and she dug it out of the trash and replaced it back onto the bookshelf. I finally freaked out.
In her irritation of my displeasure she decided to drag me into the principles office and demand an apology from all of the boys who signed the statue. What the............???


Anonymous said...

umm did you show them to him?

Jippy said...

No! But next year, I am going on a man hunt! If I find someone really great, maybe I'll ..........nevermind.