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Thursday, December 07, 2006

I got caught up in it. I didn't hold down the fort or stay the course. At first it was finding the perfect man. You can't tell me he's not perfect because he is. I am not perfect yet so he'll have to wait. Then I was interested in making money, just a little job to make some cash. What was next? Contests? I joined a couple of them. Oh yeah, Mr. not so perfect had me take time out to be suspicious and then angry. Don't forget the doctor drama which was not real at all. Doctors Joseph and Gold are still my hereos and I am still, umm me. Then it was the nanny not showing up and me not running things right. I pondered the irony of my BFF getting the man to move in and then he's suddenly a grouch. I didn't realize getting the dog first is the same as putting the cart before the horse. I forgot how much I love the fact that I can barely remember my landlords phone nummber after living here for almost ten years. That I know they call me their Princess of Pasadena and I cherish it. That on many New Years Day we mute the TV turn on the Rose Parade and open the windows, then run outside in time to catch the stealth bomber. I forgot that on New Years I have to be on my final draft of my script in order to not want to Jump off of suicide bridge drunk off Irish whickey with slashed wrists. I forgot that things I don't truly want siphon energy away from what I truly do want. Nothing worked out and I am glad to be back on my path before I have missed my deadline. I am so pleased because I broke my cycle of staying unconscious thinking someone else is stearing my ship not knowing until I crash that it's actually an unmand flight. That actually my body and my life were over here where I left off. I am getting good at coming back. : )


LoLo said...

Very good at bouncing back and that's big. Now back on track, writing and working towards your goals. Stay away from the whisky though and that suicide bridge! Oh, and remember "Santa screwed up". Haha! Oops, he goofed man, better letter next year huh?

Luv you!

Anonymous said...

sorry for steering you off your course...glad you are back at the helm...maybe that was the lesson?