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Sunday, December 03, 2006

There I was trashed by life. It was Just beating the shit out of me. I was needy and willing to live with it. It's hard to play Santa when you have your child attched to your hip. I am forcing him to walk and leaving his wheel chair in the car in case of emergency. Push push push forward. Then I get a phone call and find out that the past is in the past and all is well with us. Us? A close friend who I had failed. I am trying to maintain some friendships. Because I need their light even if I can't give them much of mine. It was enough of a good thing to get me on too my next stop. Of course Zach is falling asleep and I need to get home before I have to try and carry him up a flight of stairs. I roll up into the driveway at the same time as Mr. Perfection. He's had a hard time with Mrs. Perfection this last year but sitll, I am not in the mood..... not able to go any lower .....not able to be intentionally made painfully aware of how I am not really pulling it off. And then the Christmas miracle. He was nice to me. He was nice to Zach and he was nice to both of us. I really appriciated it. I needed it. I won't be learking in the back ground this season. Suddenly it's too hard to sit this one out. I might just come out and really enjoy the making of cookies and the drinking of cocoa.

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Brian said...

And you're over commenting on how rough you think I have it. Honey, what I have is NOTHING like what you live with. I'm floored with what you do, and how well you keep your head above water through it all.

Glad you've seen your way clear to geting a nanny to grab a little "me" time, even if it's just to be able to run errands. It's so important to be able clear your mind, if even for only a few hours.

Sorry I took so long to get back over here, but I've got you bookmarked now. I'll be back much more regularly.

Stay strong