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Monday, December 11, 2006

Why I should win the O Magazine Spa retreat with Oprah and Gayle.

I have had one of those lives, where people have told me often along the way to call the Oprah Winfrey show. I've always replied, "I can't I don't open my mail and she hates that." I remember one time when I she was doing a show on abuse and my stepfather was in the room. This was a feeling of empowerment that I had never felt before. I am a fan of Oprah. I have tortured my nephew and my child with Oprah for years. My nephew used to get really fussy in the afternoon and want around chanting something indistinguisable. Eventually, we decifered it. "I don't wanna watch Opree Wincee" LOL ten years later I went through the same situation with my son. This time I have Tivo. Although I am so ingrained that Oprah is on at 3pm or late night that when I first watched her on TIVO my whole body clock freaked out worse than switching from daylight savings time.
I deserve a spa vacation because I need to recover my soul. I am walking through life as numb as anyone can be. I do the right thing for my son and that's it. I am so full of repressed anguish from watching my son suffer that I really feel I'll never know joy again.

This is my first attempt at the contest entry.


Jippy said...

I have to get this down to 50 words. I will try later to get this to really sing. I just wonder what would I say to Oprah if I had the chance? Hire me?? : )

cinemagypsy said...

You do so deserve to be on Oprah!
You go girl.