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Friday, December 08, 2006

List of things to do before Christmas. Weed out all of the clothes in Zach's closet that are boys size and see what he is left with. He's mens small now and it's a whole new world. He won't like it too much but clothes are on his list.
I plan to get books for most of family. I am looking for a really cool gift. One that is well thought out not too pricey and ultra cool. What is that, this year? I am not in the know. I am not a fantastic cook but sometimes I show up with a little twist on a standard. Like Pumkin pie spice or ginger in the oatmeal rasin cookies. I have no tricks this year. I feel like showing up happy and with proof. So much for my list. I am at pre list stage.

Have you ever heard a writer say that they need to write? The last couple of posts really proof how sick I get when I am not grounded in my routine of writing and painting. It's just my truth, I need to write and if I don't I have to at least be living my story in my mind. I am really right back into my story. I woke up so happy today and I was so productive. Even my nanny was motivated! She worked so hard and I really felt like I had help today. So I treated her to her favorite Noodles from Panda Inn and we got the new Pirate movie. I don't know who is hotter Jonny Depp Or Orlando Bloom. It was nice to hang out and be relaxed.

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