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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dear Oprah and Gayle,
Take two. I posted this late I am stone cold cheating again. I just got home and it's after midnight but it's till today to me.......If you want my excuse for being late just keep reading!

Dear Oprah and Gayle,
I need a retreat, because of nights like tonight. My son is freaking out wrecking his wheel chair in the bookstore. I need water to give him his breakthrough pain medication. He begins pounching himself in the face and head to release natural endorphines to ease his pain. I am standing close to him to create some privacy while smiling as kindly as I can at the child afraid to pass by us. Trying to let him know that I am not paniced so he shouldn't either. Just then my son begins to bite his hand and makes the most painful sounding noise a human can make. I pull my arm up into my sleeve and give him part of my jacket to bite on. He won't be able to tolerate a mad dash for the exit. But I do have the urge to retreat. Oprah, I really do.

I Like the little retreat thing at the end but I still have too many words. I might try some poetry next. Is this going to be a whining contest? Boo hoo for me no boo hoo hoo for me? LOL I am just kidding. Tomorrow I might try something about recovering my soul or the god of my youth. I mean I can't just go retreat and wind up never wanting to come home or just go there and sit on a rock and curse god.

Sorry for the late blog and cheating but damn read my tag line.......Looser Cast In Role of Saint. : )


Anonymous said...

in regards to the blog's heading "Looser cast in the role of a saint" ...

you do know that "looser" is an adjective (usually used to describe ill-fitting clothing), right? and that "loser" is the noun of the verb "to lose" ... ? just thought you ought to know.

i'll go mind my own business now. ta.

Amy W said...

Wow. If I could vote on the retreat, I would definitely give it to you.

cinemagypsy said...

I hope you become a winner on Oprah's show.