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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Day three of the new pill and he's starting to complain of the pain. It's great that he is verbal about it. Twice he was on the verge of breaking through the pain. He was grimacing and just keeping himself contained. When they said all of his symptons would get worse........ I hated the idea but I didn't grasp it. He's barely able to put his foot down. He was rubbing his foot all night.

Tues. I sent the nanny home. She's texting and watching TV.... I can't deal with it. She's just interferring with my momentum. I can't start my day waiting to see when she will call and then how long it will take her to show up. I am starting to get so much more done knowing it's all on me. I'm going structure her time with Zach better. She starts a new semester soon and I already told her I was looking for someone else to help out. We do love her so maybe well just have her on Fridays and Mondays for errands.

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