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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Do you believe in Karma?

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I lived in a place we accurately named "The Closet" a studio apartment a few blocks from the junior college and my part time job at the bicycle shop. Usually just me and Gina, but it was a major crash site for friends and relatives. Once we got our phone we started getting hang up phone calls and figured we got some phone number that recently belonged to someone else.

One day this guy says, "what color are your panties?" Click.
These calls became more frequent. I'd say, "shut up" before he finished so he started asking for my roommate by name, " Is Gina there?" Time to change the phone number again. When you are dating on the slate system, you don't want to change your number that often. However, freaks can screw everything up. It's like the hand of the universe, it comes down and wipes your dating slate clean wheather you want to start over or not.

It wasn't free to change our number but we thought we should be cautious. It didn't matter, he started calling again. At first with just hanging up, then asking for Gina, and then, "what color are your panties?" How did he get our unpublished number?

One day I offered to meet him and sent my brother and his friends to a gas station where he said he'd meet me. He wasn't there but he called back pissed about my posse and I called him a freak. He didn't like that and he threatened me. What he said didn't matter. It was a tone he had and I knew this guy was indeed a freak. We decided to walk home together and call someone to get us if we had to be out at night.

As we were walking home from class that afternoon, I felt weird, I refused to go down the alley. Once you are in the alley because of all the gated apartments you can't easily get out. So we walked on the side walk along a busy street. I had a bottle of juice and Gina had books in her arms. Someone was walking towards us. It looked like he came from outside our building. As we kept getting closer and closer to him I was getting closer and closer to Gina to make room for him to pass by us. I felt weird and was wondering if he really was standing outside our building or if I just noticed him there because I was paranoid.

By the time I went through the list of why we were fine, it's daylight, there are two of us, we know people along this street, I was shoulder to shoulder with this man. He reached up across my chest and grabbed my left tit. To this day I don't understnd why he didn't grab the right one closer to him. He grabbed me so hard I lost my breath. my knees buckled and as he continued to walk away I was spun around towards him. Gina was three steps away before she knew what was happening. He let go, I hit the ground and was up instantly throwing my bottle of juice at him, Yelling , Maaaather Faaaaaacker! I missed.

We called the cops. I filed a report. Then we moved into a house with a guy we knew from another one of my part time jobs. We put it behind us. Gina got a boyfriend and I tried to settle down and keep my slate simple.

So, I am home alone one night with a broken foot. ( So much for settleing down.) But the guys on my slate clearly weren't into gimps. So I decide to go for a walk to a minimart and get something with caffeine. It was a walking cast but I learned that it wasn't really meant for walking to the store. I didn't know that there was a little bar near by. I was so glad to find a place to rest. I stopped in checked it out had a beer and was ready for the walk back home. I was wooed into playing a game of pool by this really cute guy. Turns out he'd walked there too and he walked me home and asked for my phone number. He called me that night and asked me out for the next weekend. I couldn't help but wonder if it wasn't divine intervention. He walked me home, it was so sweet! Thank god, I broke my foot or I would have never met my new man. You never know how or when you are going to meet someone. Also, I would have the damn cast off my leg by the next weekend. the timing couldn't get much better! Did I mention that he was really really cute?

The big night, he pickes me up and takes me to a popular club. He parked his car in the back. It wasn't that great of a car. It was like a mom car. He order food for us and yet he never ate. He order drinks and never drank. He left me in a crowd of friends on the dance floor and he seemed not to care but never took his eyes off me either. Just little weird things that meant nothing. My friends said, I just don't remember what a guy in love is like. WHAT?? Ok, maybe it's me But I told the bartender to go out back after we left anyway. It was nothing, he took me straight home. He droped me off like a perfect gentleman and I was thinking I might be nuts. I might want to actually give this guy a chance.

Until he called me, he said, just as he had said before, "What color are your panties?" OK! I knew his voice was familar to me. I knew something was up with this guy. Then I thought fuck! This guy was just at my house. I just got comfortable living here and being here alone. I was still on the phone while having flash backs and wondering if he could have made this happen in any way. As far as the panty question goes, I had learned my lesson, so I laughed it off, chatted with him a bit longer, so he wouldnt know I was on to him. I got off the phone and called the police.

The next day a detective came and picked me up. He instructed me, on what to say to try to get a confession out of this guy. I was miked and had a speaker in my ear so he could tell me what to say. The phone itself was attched to a tape player. It would all be recorded. There now were many reports of varying degree on this guy. Starting with my first report. So they have been trying to catch this guy since ...........since........ OMG exactly one year ago to the day. Is that Karma? Bad Karma? I had filed the first report on Panty Man exactly one year ago to that day. Even the detective thought it was strange and for a moment there is looked at me as if I might be up to something. I felt him scan me in some strange way. I guess weirdos have a vibe he is familar with??

I got all wired up literally and I called the guy. I asked a few questions and he opened right up. He talked about his environment. It was tragic, tragic, tragic. I guess mommy caught him doing stuff in his undies. She told him that his soul belonged to the devil. I think he took it literally. He did breakdown. He said he needed help. The detective in my ear had me ask about the other incidents, one thing in particular that happend under a freeway over pass? He started to confess and then got really aggressive and paranoid. He was on to us. He threatened me but the cops were already on their way to his house. Karma? Bad Karma? My Karma or his?

In honor of de lurking week, I will be posting something that will hopefully be worth commenting on all week.

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Do you have a karma story or maybe a dating slate story? Or just want to tell me if you believe in Karma?

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Jippy said...

I have been trying to go to some of my favorite blogs and some random blog to de lurk for the day. I have had the worst time tring to get the comment section to come up. I wonder if blogger is having some trouble? I know early this AM I could not access my blog because they were updating. I hope I can post my comments..... we'll see if this one works.

cinemagypsy said...

Oh gosh, (screams) that is a creepy story.
I hope this guy went to jail.

Jippy said...

He went to jail and I hope his mom got some therapy.
I hate when the moms get the blame but in this case she was guity......of course he could have made that shit up .......

Michele_3 said...

I'm glad you were ok through it all though..

I do believe in karma (to a certain degree though..)

Take Care

Amy W said...

Wow, what a story. It totally gave me goosebumps.