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Thursday, January 11, 2007

This morning I am eating Haagen Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream for breakfast. NIce! I am trying to have my own food around here and I am not two weeks into the New Year and I failing.

I use ice cream to get Zach to eat. When he is sick and not cream can stimulate his appetite and keep us off the iV's. He didn't want it.......bad news for Zach. Now, I am supposed to make my own breakfast.
Is this a joke?

I need little routines to signal to my brain. Hey, you are on the program. In the summer, I drink lots of water when I am trying to be healthy. Now that it's cold here I don't like to drink water. Also in the summer I make myself protein shakes.

Is there a hot protei drink? LOL I need vitamin coffee.

I did a weight loss hypnosis tape last year and never touched a cigarette again. Not that I was a major smoker but I did do it around other smokers or I'd save one and after a really hard time I would go outside and smoke a bit of it. I miss that little ceremony.

I need some tricks. I need help. I can't live off of Zach's leftovers. I can't cook many things either.

I have to have a program or I'll gain weight. I might not loose weight on a program but I do gain with out one.

I am sure the lack of sleep has my body freaking out. Also, PMS can run my diet off course easily.

It's easy to notice when you are over eating but I think it's really hard to make yourself eat those small meals often. I can go a long time without eating. It' just another part of the diet dysfunction.

In case you are wondering, I moved the treadmill to a better place. It took me until last night to plug it in.

I use audio books but are there great movies for the treadmill?

Will any of this matter if Zach gets ill and I am eating hospital food. Yesterday he didn't get out of bed.


Amy W said...

Yes, lack of sleep and PMS will mess with your diet. Lack of sleep, you need some protein to keep your body up and running. I don't know of any hot protein drink though. Would weight watchers work? It's easy and you can do it online. Also, check out for some tips.

Jippy said...

Amy, I really like the hungry girl site.
I think I am going to do a little detox and drink hot lemon water to get off that holiday eating pattern.
I might cook some meals in advance. A cooking class might be the best thing. LOL