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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Just wondering is anyone talking about the Golden Globes? Jennifer Hudson was fun to watch win and so was America. I like House but what about Jack Bauer? I am so into 24. I have never watched so much tv in my life. FAKE TIVO man it's awesome. I am very behind on the movies. I haven't even seen the kids movies because I send my kid out on "date" with his nanny. Grilled cheese sandwhich and a movie. I am looking forward to the Oscars. Who is hosting the Oscars this year? Ellen was funny is it Ellen again?


Amy W said...

I am happy Jennifer Hudson won as well. My husband watches 24 religously, I think we have some seasons on DVD if you need to catch up.

Jippy said...

You know I just figured out that I have no idea what season I just watched. LOL I have to figure it out. When the new season started was like peering into the future...LOL