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Friday, January 26, 2007

I am constantly talking to the blogger world in my head. It very nice because I don't feel so alone.
zach's been hanging in there and I am veiwing this as a good time and preparing for -not for a bad time, but just supporting our life with organization. He constantly needs cold water. Anyone have time to invent a bedside water bottle holder/cooler.
Perferably matching with the cars theme..

I 've got Zach convinced that he's the luckiest teenager in the world and he had the best room. I tell him to get out of my room and he gets the idea that it's his room. It's very cute. Then he started bringing some of his books out and putting them on my shelves and sitting on my bed. So I kicked him out. ( in a very joking way) He didn't fall apart like he normally would have and so I just think he's ready for this.

I need to get him the story about the boy who cried wolf!

Right now I am loving Zachary enjoying his "cars room" the "teenager room"......

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Amy W said...

You should post some pics of his room, sounds pretty cool.