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Monday, January 15, 2007

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She said I could go ahead and dare her again.....What the hell I dare her and you I dare you to show me your junk drawer or tell the truth how many pairs of shoes do you own? You have to answer with a picture. That is the only rule.

OMG I live in shame. That cell phone is broken I could get rid of it. The refill ink goes to a printer I haven't had for over a year!
I don't know when I last opened this drawer to get anything out of it! It's to dangerous to go digging around in there. I'll throw it all out and wait to see how long it takes to grow back! I am sure I bought newe Red ribbon this holiday season. I had some on the drawer. What? I keep that for another year only to forget it again? A new package of drug store mascarra that I bought in an emergency when I could not find the good stuff and then I found it and stashed this away.........When was that?? It's probably growing some micro organisms by now. That is just yuck!


cinemagypsy said...

J-j-j-j-j-junk d-d-d-d-drawer?
Ho no.
Let me go count those shoes. Does it count if I can't find the other shoe? I have the same thing going with the shoes as I do with the socks.
My guess is 20. And that is a generous guess. I love shoes, but I don't buy too many.

Amy W said...

One junk drawer? Ha! We have multiple...not going to share how many, you will be shocked...

Jippy said...

LOL that's funny! Suddenly I am feeling pretty good about my ONE junk drawer AMY!
Cinemagypsy....I have one thing to say to you.........Wa Wa Whuuussssssss!!!!!!!

cinemagypsy said...

Yep I am a wus about my junk drawer. Um, actually I'm with Amy w, I have several.