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Friday, January 12, 2007

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I can't believe it. I finally got Final Draft on my new computer. Even for a Mac the transition wasn't that smooth.
Actually, I haven't transitioned at all. I put my work on an external hard drive. I thought I would be able to transfer my writing onto the new computer. When I tried to open a Final Draft File, it would not open because it was a different operating system. This is the kind of crap that keeps me away from Microsoft. This different operating system problem, did jolt my mind into thinking about the Final Draft upgrade. I bought the digital download for cheap on the last day of the sale. Then I found out, in order to use it, I would have to take off the old version and load the new version. No way, would I do that in the middle of a project! So, I called the writers store and found out that my upgrade was still on record and just waiting for me. Cool. They sent me a link to download the new version. I put in my code to make it active. Maybe that will have a subliminal affect on my brain. Think Jippy what should you do..... Now, that I have the brand new version of Final Draft activated on my computer.............. Make a sandwhich? It feels like a clean slate. I was thinking maybe I won't transfer anything over from my old computer. I'll start over new and fresh and hopefully.........well, better. Then I get a call from my producer/ friend. How is the script going? Oh good, good............. I am fucking lieing. LOL I distract him with my technical difficulties and he's not interested at all. So, I ask him about his dog. LOL This usually works. I know I am in the clear because he's going to send me some photos of his dog and his new vacation home. It snowed there! Butterscotch loved it! LOL Last night I was saved by the dog. Today, I don't know I still want that sandwhich. LOL This could be my next train wreck .......or not. Stay tuned.......


cinemagypsy said...

Ha! I know the aggro with computer problems. I lost my entire hard drive on my pc last year. Luckily I had just gotten a Mac and was in the process of transferring all my stuff. I didn't get the script I was working on, but it was crap anyway. I started all over again and went from Movie Magic 2000 to Final Draft at the same time. Major disaster, but it all worked out.

Jippy said...

Cinemagypsy, That was an F'd up day! I still have my first Mac it is older than Zach. It's about to be donated to his school. I have only had to use Movie Magic once. Movie Magic budgeting is another story. Although, it's Final Draft and Excell almost Always. Starting over sonds good but probably better if it's your own idea.....aaaahh