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Monday, January 22, 2007

I am really sorry but I have to ryme

I tend to do this when I am having a hard time

I have no idea how this got started

It's from a past life, when I wasn't as hard hearted

It doesn't matter what it's all about

it happens when I am overwhelmed with fear and doubt

It makes me laugh even when I am so fucked up

I wish I would have moved and gotten zach his little lab pup

Now I have to do it while he is still getting sick

He's blinking his eyes, I think he's got a new tic

I have to be alarmed enough to actually make the move

But keep his routine going perfectly smooth

That is also something that strikes me as funny

Not however adding up the costs and coming up with the money

Because he gets his insurance from the government

I am not allowed to make more than I need for my rent

If insurance could not exclude a pre existing condition

I would not be in this fucked up financial position

It makes sense if I could just get a little more work

unfortuneately if I get polictical I come off as a freaking jerk

Just in case you are wondering I am not on welfare

Still they care how much money I make and from where

How many people were convicted of fraud

Is that why they have all these laws that seem so odd

But what if I wasn't in America, what if I was living in Iraq

How the hell would it be to have a son like Zach

Yet, how many Americans are uninsured

living with ailments that can be cured

I am not sure how, but I hope things can get better

I know it takes more than voting and writng a letter

I really wasn't going to leave this as a post

But then I'd have to say I post everyday.......almost


cinemagypsy said...

Yay, nice one.
I am a big fan of universal health care, have always been, and that is why I have always like Hillary Clinton. I think it is why so many Republicans think she is the devil, because she mentioned something about it when you just did not talk about such "communist things" in this country.
I totally agree the medical system in America is fucked up and inhuman.
No one should have to live in poverty because they have a sick child. No one should be stuck in a postition where they can't earn more than their rent.

Jennifer said...

Yep, You still get my vote for President!