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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I Dream of Sidney Sheldon. Doot Doot.... Doot Doot Doot Doot..... Doot

OMG, How I used to stand in my room and cross my arms, squint my eyes and fling my ponytail..... it never ever worked!
My room was still a mess and I had to clean it all up with no magic. I still dreamed of being Jeanie.
It didn't help that I lived near Cap Canaveral and bought into the whole world he created.

I took some stuff from the WP

Washington Post

But before his career in fiction took off after turning 50, the Chicago native had made his mark in Hollywood movies and television and in Broadway theater.

After heading to Los Angeles at 17, he started as script reader at major studios, and then had three Broadway musical hits by the age of 25.

His big break came five years later in 1948 when he won an Academy Award for original screenplay for "The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer" starring Cary Grant and Myrna Loy.

Working as a screenwriter at both MGM and Paramount Pictures, Sheldon went on to write 25 films including "Easter Parade," showcasing Judy Garland and Fred Astaire, "Annie Get Your Gun," "Jumbo," and "Anything Goes," featuring Bing Crosby.

In 1963, he turned to the fledgling television industry as screenwriter for "The Patty Duke Show" and followed up in 1964 by creating, producing and writing the hit show "I Dream of Jeannie."


cinemagypsy said...

I used to do the same exact thing. In fact I have a blog entry about it that I have saved as a draft for right now.
I wanted to look just like Jeanie when I grew up.

Jennifer said...

I look forward to reading about it.... I keep cracking up.......did it ever occur to you that it might be strange for a grown up to be running around in a Genie outfit? he he he

cinemagypsy said...

Of course not, I still run around in a jeanie outfit.

Jennifer said...

OMG! LMAO..... I believe it! still laughing......

Jennifer said...
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