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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I've been a bit of a pain in the ass over on her blog Planet Pooks I don't know why I find it so funny that she truly likes football. he he She likes football too.......... A family story ....well, moving on from that.

I learned about the green mile from Pooks on her website. It's part of the reason why I faced the music and ordered the bigger wheel chair for Zachary. You'll find this on her site on the side bar under a picture of a bike, "*Green miles are miles/trips that I ordinarily would have driven, but cycled instead to help save the planet!" It got me thinking of why I love living here. Zach and I could go months without getting into the car. Except trips to the hosp. We could walk to the grocery store, the book store, and Target. The last time we walked to Target, I could not get him home and I had to push him home in a shopping cart. The owner of a little cafe we frequent saw me and gave me some rags for Zach to bite on so he didn't reopen the wounds on his hands. I was too scared to be embarrassed about the shopping cart. I guess it's kind of funny now. Me hauling ass home with my son the Tasmanian Devil in the bright red Target cart. OMG..... Ever since then I've been driving, even five blocks to get a latte. I tried pushing him to the bookstore in the old wheel chair but my back could not take it. It was too low and he was getting a little scruntched in there...... LOL
Why not get the bigger chair and push him around town a bit? It would be our version of the green mile. Green BLocks! It's really perfect weather out here in California for green blocks. There is one place that we have never walked too. One of his favorite restaraunts. A green, green block. ( LaLaLa lame)

I am anxious to get some green blocks in before the new medication kicks in............... If it turns out that this low dose and slow increase makes it more managable. Maybe we'll get the off roading wheel chair. On the other hand if the medication really works........ I'll make him push me.......LOL

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