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Sunday, January 14, 2007

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What's your poison? I have given up caffeine many times and never got that pay off you hear about. I just take more naps. I am getting very productive with my new poison. I like that it is one serving in the bottle and a mere 45 calories of the yucky good stuff. Oh, I should give Zach a sip on his low sugar days. You think I am kidding? Mountain Dew is actually recommended. I like Coke Blak better..........I blame her
It's better than Jolt but don't smell it first. I almost didn't try it....... It's good medicine. Go see I dared her to try and make it at home...........I need to think of another dare.....he he ..... Oh yeah! I can make up Internet Dare Day! All you have to do is post proof on your blog or you tube. I need one of those cute little signs. I need to pick a day too........ Seeeeeeeeeeeeee Coke Blak is Good! LOL


cinemagypsy said...

LOL. Hey that is great stuff. It's actually a great pick me up with this flu I've had for half a week now.
Cleared my sinuses and got me off the sofa.

Yeah, go ahead and dare me to do something else. I got a lot of mileage out of that thing you egged me on to do.

So you like it? Yay!

Amy W said...

I must live in lala land as I have never heard of Coke Black. How sad is that?

And giving up caffeine? No way.

water_spryte said...

I walked into my coffee shop one day and the young guy looked up and said, "Hey, you're the chick who drinks straight up shots of esspresso. You have GOT to try this!" It sounded terrible but I let him pour esspresso into my coke. It was sludgerific. Six months later Coke Blak came out. You can't fight destiny.

Jippy said...

Cinemagypsy are so dared!
Amy.....ok it taste weird but it works.
Water spryte......"sludgerific" that's exactly right! LOL