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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hospital Day........ We have three appointments and it will be a long day. Got the new wheel chair just in time.

hmmmmm was I freaking out yesterday in anticipation of their scrutiny??

ALso..... Zach isn't doing well. rrrrrrr He's not breaking through the pain medication he is not having pain episodes and hurting himself. This is a huge improvement. HUGE.

He just has no energy. It scares me to see him so weak. I am struggeling to read about the mitochondrial disorders.
There isn't much out there and most of it is written for a genius reader..... ( need I say more?)
I am guessing he is having a growth spurt and it uses all of his rescources ( cell energy) and so he's exhausted from growing.
I am pushing juice and soda on him so we've stayed off the IVS...... HUGE improvement...... : )

For the record I love these doctors and Childrens hospital. I used to hate those scenes in movies where they gush all over the doctor ........ they are still cheesey but I do get it now...... I really do!

I am confident Zach's blood test will be good and then he'll get a flu shot.... and then a toy......


Michele_3 said...

Keeping Zach in prayers and thoughts to start feeling better!
Hang in there Jippy!

Jippy said...

Thanks......I hope I don't come off as a big complainer's just that I need a place to vent adn be real. It helps me give Zach my very best.
You must know how it is ......we tend to tell people that it's ok and we are fine......and it's true we are fine but it adds up somehow.....
thanks Michele, I know you have your hands full.... you are in our thoughts too..... and when we feel it's safe to pray again.... : )