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Friday, January 05, 2007

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Manchán Magan attempts to live his life (eat, travel, socialise, find accommodation, shop, etc) through Irish. It is a journey to find out whether the 1.6 million people who claim they can speak Irish in the national census really can and whether one can survive in Ireland today without speaking a word of English.

A man my Nan would approve of

I am constantly looking for those who speak my language. I think I know exactly how he feels.


Bethany said...

You speak Irish? That's great. My great-grandmother was from Ireland and my mother recently went to Ireland. I have been wanting to learn Irish for a long time. It's sad that not many speak it any more.

Jippy said...

I can barely speak English! I relate to him as in my people don't understand me. I am from an Irish family. I'd love to go to Ireland and take the whiskey tour! LOL