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Monday, January 29, 2007

Zach's room. I have him convinced it's the best teenager room ever! LOL He's a collector. He dosen't open all of his toys.
He is starting to play more with his toys and it's awesome!

PS Posting these pIcs was suggested by Amy

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Michele_3 said...

VERY Cool room!
I love the TV too!
(he must be into cars huh? my son is into the whole dinosaur thing..)
Take Care!

Jennifer said...

Grandma got him that TV and I caved on the lamp. He loves cars and he's still looking for the purple on called DJ. It's fun because he'll talk about it.
Dinosaurs are cool too!

Miriam said...


Nicely done- I love the shelving. I'm trying to get our junk all put away and am tempted to throw away boxes without opening them just to reclaim the garage. What more do we need, anyway???

All that's to say I am totally loving people's pics of where they live and this room is very well done, J! Cozy and all boy, but grown up and posh, too.

That door-hangy thing is neat. A friend tells us hot wheels are a great thing to get a kid into because they're small and you can get presents without spending a fortune. When he opens the boxes & plays with them, do you find yourself stepping on them ever? That's the one bad thing about Legos and the like...

Kudos, designer mama.

Jennifer said...

I understand the urge to throw out stuff. Especially when it is "stuff."
The shelves are put together from clearance IKEA items. the bottom are tv stands.... LOL One dresser was Ikea damage ( I fixed it) and the other was a great find at the Salvation Army! I just love this dresser, the drawers are as deep as the face of the drawer. Why is that so hard to find?

The door hangy thing is great but he got really neuortic about filling it up! The plastic tires also hold Hot wheels but so far he isn't going nuts filling them up.

Did you know Hot Wheels have a resale value? I just learned about it myself. Each year is it's own special editon, or something like that. Stepping on Legos and little cars hurts... now he's responsible for his stuff so it doesn't happen as much any more. He had that lego table with the net in the middle. Honestly, Zach's room fell together based on his routine. I am glad it looks like I designed it!

Amy W said...

I love the shelves as well. What a cool room and he is a cutie!

Jennifer said...

You know what, maybe I've been my own worst enemy as the saying goes...... I am glad you suggest I post the pictures of Zach's room. I haved to start looking at what I am doing right instead of what's left on my list of things to do....

Thanks everyone!

Anonymous said...

The room looks great!! Looks like he is quit the collector of hot wheel cars and cars in general. I love to collect as well. And why is that dresser drawers are not as deep as there face anymore? Hummm! The shelves look primo. I watch to much of HGTV. Great room, great ideas. Eric from Ohio