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Monday, January 08, 2007

Thank you Auntie Kathryn and Uncle Gary for the best Birthday ever!

Zachary is looking really pale. He's ready to settle down for a while. He is very happy with all the memories and the presents! I want to thank my sister Kathryn and Gary for throwing a great party for a thriteen year old! Big screen projection of his favorite movies. ALL of his favorites food. Cars cake and cars presents. Mostly it's just hanging out being a family that means the most to Zachary and to Jippy! I love you guys.

Originally uploaded by jippyjabber.

Originally uploaded by jippyjabber.


cinemagypsy said...

Hey, why wasn't I invited to this party.
What a cutie Zach is.
Nice cake, too.

Jippy said...

LOL Yeah, there was plenty of cake! He's getting the idea that it's cool to be a teenager. : )

Michele_3 said...

Oh Happy birthday Zach! I'm sure his birthday was really wonderful!

That video is precious Jippy!
I rember the first time my guy said " I love you"
I know you treasure those moments-

Keep smiling!

Jippy said...

It is crazy good to hear him talking. Though he looks paler than the wall behind him and puffy in this video. He's still a cutie but mom knows the changes in his face when things are getting hard on him. Slightly chapping lips......
When his face is this white I have to start watching the color of his pee.......LOL We do all of it just to hear those three little words...... thanks for stopping by Michele_3