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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

ANCORA IMPARO- I am Still Learning.

I just learned how to get the pic properly on this blog. In this I promise to print out my entire blog and to proof read it. I promise to learn how to reformat my pictures so I can put a pic up. A pic of me? Maybe I will get a good one during the Holidays. I am usually found behind the cameras. I am excited I am getting Final Cut Pro to work on my DVD. It a promo for my documenatary. I need a couple of projects and it helps if one of them is something visual. Today I am going to check out all of the sales. Why not?? The Nanny is on her way over. A day at the movies for Zach and I will get some serious cleaning and writing done. Also I am going to eat a lot of healthy food today and not be too hungry tomorrow. I think YOU on a Diet is working. Basically you don't eat hgh fruitose corn syrup or enriched flour. You have to walk a minamum of 10,000. steps.

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Anonymous said...

You on a Diet is a great program, Good Luck!