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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Commuter Call! I am home with my child. I am a middle child. I am a good listener. I am an easy target for the commuter call. I live in Los Angeles so a lot of people I know, find them sleves stuck in traffic. It doesn't really matter anymore because I get commuter calls from Florida. Thanks to the new calling plans from the cell phone companies anyone can call from anywhere at anytime. If they find themselves bored or lonely. Just killing time between the drycleaners and the soccer field. Sometimes it's exciting from Warner Bros. studio to a seceret location of big A- lister Party. Commuter callers are out there in the midst of living their world. My sister Meg, in Florida is the updater. Just making sure she's checked in with me and knows what is happening with Zach. OH ! here comes the kids, the movies over, I'll talk to you later. OK and let me tell you this chick can really stretch out the meaning of later. I don't wait by the phone anymore. Then Bridget calls at 2 am just in case I am awake with Zach, ( I am ) and she's stuck under a hook. A Hook? This is when the black sheep of the family who got her stuff together and became a Long Shore man, tells me the ins and outs of the Long Beach harbor. Don't mess with me people because I will sick her on you! Oh, the cranes moving again, gotta go. The worst offender is my sister Kathryn. She commuter calls me when she's at home. I have actually listened to her give her daughter a bath READ her a bedtime story and then abruptly hang up on me when it's martini time. Then my boss starts calling me after every meeting. Driving home, he just wants to let me know how it went and if he'd be getting work which means I might need to be available to help. I think there should be a commuter call internship program. I have literally learned the nuts and bolts of producing commercials and indepdenent films via commuter call conversations. Lectures, I should say because conversations might be a stretch for what actually goes on. Usually, the "conversation" starts off with, Are you near your computer? Ok, thanks for that sweetie, bye. Can you work in Hollywood and not be called sweetie? Yes, I think so but not at the Commuter Call level. Sure, he'll ask what's going on with me occasionally but there is really no time for me to answer. He's finally at the Deli and he's been craving this for two days. Then it happened. My mother calls me one evening and I am listening to her about the corporation spiltting and what is going to happen to her 401K and who is going to loose their job and who isn't and what is her five year plan. Oh, I am home now, I'll talk to you later. That's it! Do you people know that I am listening to you waiting my turn to tell you something and when you get where you are going you practically hang up on me? So I have instigated a rule. I notified them all. From now on when you call me from the car you have to tell me up front, " This is a Commuter Call." You know they do it! It's seems funny now but my sister calls me, "Commuter Call" and I jump right in and say, Hey I have to come over tonight to let Zach swim in the pool is that cool? Yes, OK, now I am free to listen to you yell at traffic, which is dear lord so much fun!

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