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Saturday, November 25, 2006

A book is Published!

Zibby Payne & The Wonderful, Terrible Tomboy Experiment. Written by Alison Bell.

Turns out to be a gift of Inspiration.

As I arrived at my sisters for Turkey Day she hands me a cute little book. I mean it's litterally cute and little. It's a Lobster Press publication for the tween scene. I looked at the cover and you see the skirt part of a pink frilly dress and pink argile socks with green converse style high tops. Nice, is this another joke about my arrested developemt? About the time when I was a tween and had to wear a dress and a baseball hat while ridding the three wheeled motor bike in an endless figure eight in the field next door? I had the time of my life punching it over the gofer holes. My question then was, if I am such a "Tomboy" then why don't I get along with boys? I mean even if I was a boy I would not run after a snake just when someone has fallen down and gotten hurt. I didn't know where to fit in. I turned to books back then and I tell you the Zibby Payne and the Wonderful, Terrilble Tomboy Experiment would have really spoke to me. A girl trying to figure it out on the fly and things making sense in your mind but not playing that out in the world just as you had hoped it would. If you Know any tween girls this will be great in as a stocking stuffer. Waiting for the next book in the series is going to be torture for them but Alison Bell has written some other books 'Let's Party' and 'What's your Style?' You might give them a try.

As I was checking the book out for my blogging purpose I notice a hand written note a few pages into the book. On the Tilte page it is written.... 11-17-06 To Jippy Best of luck in your writting career- we writers must stick together, Alison Bell.

Turns out that my sister and Alison both in their busy lives have taken time to give me the gift of inspiration. I hardly know Alison but she always takes the time to express compassion for my situation with wanting a career but first being a single mom to a special needs child. I can tell that she asks my sister how I am doing. That's not " hollywood nice" that's real nice.
Thanks Alison and Thanks Sistah!

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