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Thursday, November 30, 2006

The very last day of NationaI BLog Posting Month. Thanks to Fussy I think much lower of myself now!

I hope I get good news today. I have my fingers crossed. I might be able to get normal sleep and recover my will to live. I am on the five year plan. Some where there is a man on the plan. I had a man claiming to be interested in me. He wanted in and I let him have some of my time on the phone. He was anxious to go out. I met him buying a lotto ticket. Until we talked about my son. He asked me if Z would live a normal life. Actually he assumed that Z would have a normal life and I corrected him. I cherish what I have, it's hard but it's mine. SO the guy told me I was wasting his fucking time. He litterally told me I had wasted his time and hung up on me. What an asshole! It' s no wonder I always want to blame it on my fat ass than have this type of bullshit in my life. I know a bunch of guys would feel this way but I would rather not KNOW that they feel this way. I don't blame the attittude it's a huge deal. I mean do have to rip me apart for it? I can't date during the holidays anyway. I am on the five year plan with Zachary. As long as I don't let this completely swallow me up I might be able to manage this with some success. I want more than anything to see Zach's suffering stop. I honestly would give up anything in the world for that. I am off today to spend the day at the Hosp. Today. getting results from the sleep study test. I got the appointment moved up so now I don't have to get the news during the holidays. I wasn't sure if I would be able to blog today so I stole something fun just in case. Life is better now that I have more to do. I love Final Cut Pro!! Funny how that works.

I stole this from

It's a mathematical trick. Tell the person (or class) to think of their birthday...and that you are going to guess it.

Step 1) Have them take the month number from their birthday: January = 1, Feb = 2 etc.
Step 2) Multiply that by 5
Step 3) Then add 6
Step 4) Then multiply that total by four
Step 5) Then add 9
Step 6) Then multiply this total by 5 once again
Step 7) Finally, have them add to that total the day they were born on. If they were born on the 18th, they add 18, etc.

Have them give you the total. In your head, subtract 165, and you will have the month and day they were born on!

How It Works: Let M be the month number and D will be the day number. After the seven steps the expression for their calculation is:

5 (4 (5 M + 6 ) + 9 ) + D = 100 M + D + 165

Thus, if you subtract off the 165, what will remain will be the month in hundreds plus the day!


Amy W said...

Good luck with the sleep study, let us know how it goes.

Amy W said...

Good luck with the sleep study, let us know how it goes.

Miriam said...

And if you take that guy's IQ and subtract 10, you get -195. How rude of him! It's glib to say it's a good thing he's out of your life sooner rather than later, but really.

I fell off the reading wagon in NaBlo but I really liked your blog, so hopefully I'll catch up a bit.

My hubby and I are thinking of getting Final Cut- you'll have to tell us how you like it.