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Friday, November 17, 2006

I am so annoyed with the body mind healing. Am I supposed to tell my son he isn't thinking the right thing so he's going to contiue to suffer? Then when he thinks right, then GOD will do his part and heal him. Why do children suffer? Am I to believe that his spirit is ill? Don't tell me what you think GOD"s relationship with Zach is. All that matters is love? The only thing I can take from this mind healing stuff is that Zach's pain is not Zach. It's just pain. It's not Zach. I can see zach through this pain. I see him, he is so beautiful. He is peaceful and wanting to live a full life. It co exists with his pain and torture. I am in awe of his love of life. I litterally tremble with the fight to stay nurturing as useless as it is at times. It helps for me to control my thinking. It helps to never think futile or helpless thougts. I need a miracle. I need to see Zach joyful and happy. I think I will take him to Universal Studios. If I go soon, I will get a free pass for all of next year. I am in the mood to go catch some sun sets. Isn't this the time of year in California when the sun sets are most beautiful? I am ready. I am just needing the filling of the well to be gentle and wonderful.

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Anonymous said...

Get some spiritual healing, take a walk, listen to music. It works for me. Hang in there.