My New Earth work is actually on It's a text messaging book club. In case you came here from the Oprah website and were wondering where it all is. I'll bring my New Earth Work over here because, I guess this is where it's meant to be. Welcome to Jippyjabber! PS I am auntjippy on the Oprah message boards.

Friday, November 10, 2006

I am off to the Hosp. with Zachd. Just in case it goes bad or really tires us. I am posting quickly before I leave. I promised a story and if I have time I'll do it when I get back. Also I need to edit the first one. I am writing a reply in my head about mitochondrial disease. I want to say what is most important and yet I feel like I wished I had already done this. For now I say google Dr. R Boles. becareful it looks grim on the surface. I am going to list the supplements perscribe to us as well.
I am CYA for NaBloPoMo.... Hope I am back with a long post tonight. If not I am comforting Z.


LoLo said...

Thanks for listening for so, so long to me go on and on the other night! I'm feeling a little better, and trying to be grateful for the good things and to let go of the not-so-good things... hard to do!
Hope things go well there today. I'll check in with you after work.

Jippy said...

You've always been there for me since the day we met. It's true there were some guys that I thought just are not good enough for you. I am glad they are gone and I am not. I am really excited that you are going to get into a groove with a new man in a new home. It's easy to listen to you because you have such a clear view of what's going on and you are always challenging yourself. Thank you for being such a good friend. The Best of course!