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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Doctor Doctor!

Off one hook and on the another. Here I was worried about emails I had
sent off to Zac's doctors. I wrote them in a haze round 4am. I really
did not want to talk about the e-mails. I was so embarrassed. I went
last week and the receptionist had told me the wrong date. So, I had to
go through the dread all over again. Of course it turned out to be a
long wait. I have waited as long as four hours to see these docs. It's
a long time in a small room. You really want to be angry. When you see
strollers passing by that look like mac trucks carrying three or four
machines and one tiny little person you suddenly have patents you
didn't know you had. So maybe they have a good reason to be so late. It
wasn't too bad we waited just about two hours and we kept the door
cracked so we didn't feel like we were running out of air. They had an
intern with them so I figured they weren't going to get into it with
me. Until they asked her to leave. Oh fuck. I am ready to apologize.
"We've read over your emails and just want you to know we understand
your concerns." Ah what? Ah who? This is a couple of great doctors and
very decent human beings. I have not come across that combination too
often. The funny thing is, I did myself a favor ( so I thought) and
never re read those late night emails. I wasn't exactly sure what I had
wrote! I felt like I was in an improv class. He's say something
regarding my "concerns" and I'd reply mostly expressing regret from
writing them with gratitude for all that they have done for Zach and I.
One doc in particular wanted me to know how he understood. How they not
only there to help Zach but me too. Oh boy I could use some help!
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