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Thursday, November 16, 2006

A man who always wanted to be a hunter kills two squirrels.
He takes them to a taxidermist.
He brings in the squirrels and he really doesn't know what to say.
So the guy in the shop looks at him and says, Do you want them mounted?
The man replies, No, holding hands will do.

Again, A joke from my sister Meg!

More about Meg,

I am really really sorry if referring to her as "the updater" in my computer call post was seen in any negative light. She recently tried to stay on the phone with me beyond the update staus and into jugleing a call and her life. I wondered why is she staying on the line? Perhaps she reads my blog? No comments from her though.......Just so you all know....... I always know Meg is busy. She had high standards for her family and her job. She does everything well. She is smart and the person I ask for advise.
I could not live with out my updates. I love hearing from my sister Meg, and will take any bit of time from her busy life.
She is an inspiration to me as a mother and a sister. In my darkest moments the phone has rang and Meg somehow knew she had to call me. Woke her up out of a sound sleep. One time Meg called a phone booth at the Hospital, Just when my husband was walking by and I was in labor???? I'll take Meg's calls anyway they come.

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