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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ten Things I Do to get my energy back.

Depending how far gone I am this plan varies, so I have listed the options I give myself. Three days is usually great and if I haven't been too bad one day can save me from going too far down. It's a goal of mine to learn to bouce back fast. To learn to get my work done or at least try to do anything no mattter what life hits me with. It has a lot to do with food because I learned that I starved myself fat and lethargic.

1) Nothing, litterally stop my mind from thinking about anything.
1) Talk to my best friend.

2) Add Emer'gen-C electro mix to my water and drink at least three of them through out the day.
2) Convince myself My treadmill needs to be serviced and I risk injury to get on it. Nothing makes me more tired than guilt for not working out.

3) Drink Probiotic Kefir for breakfast. Right now I am into Pomegranate.
3) If I haven't been stressed out and eating junk I 'll have a protien shake with raw cocoa nibs.

4) Snack through out the day on Grapefruit, fresh pineapple or Almonds and dried blueberries. Be aware that I am doing something good here.
4) Garlic stuffed olives or Wasa crackers with humus. This is great if you are trying to revover from a sugar binge.

5) For lunch I have vitamins, a turkey, avacado, cheese, tomato, sandwhich on a sprouted grain bread. Fresh lemon water.

6) A snappy nap. Convince myself I can take care of all of my worries later but right now I have to sleep for twelve or twenty.

7 Listen to self help or motivational audio book ( a short one and nothing lame like I love myelf just as I am becasue I really don't) I clean up my creative space. Arrange my paints or get my pens together. Anything that supports my process.
7) Egg white scramble with garlic, spinache, fresh basil with a glass of OJ or cranberry juice.

8) I tell myself that I don't have to finish this project or anything -who knows what I really need to work on? I do need to breathe well, So I make sure my gut goes out when I breathe in and then when I got this breathing thing down I shift my eyes up and to the right it's what we naturally do when we tell the truth. Then I fuck around with my mind until I feel really ridiculous. Holding out hope that I may have helped no matter how insane I have become.
8) Detox tea and list all the dysfunctional people I know. Try to blame them for why I am so fucked up and tired.

9) Remember I have been here before and it passed. While I wait I hope I might get lucky and I go get a lotto ticket and a protien candy bar.
9) Convince myself that I must watch this moive to get myelf back into the mood of my work. Then I steal three or four of Zach's gluten free ginger snaps. I focus really hard so I still have the cookies with me when I get back to the couch.

10) A cup of tea with non fat sugar free vanilla milk and I think of what my kid looks like when he's sleeping imagine him sleeping with his dog Bruno. The dog I promised to get him and then I'll be free to happily get my work done in this perfect little rythm of life. How nice it will be.
10) Steel cut oatmeal with sugar free maple syrup or absolute real maple syrup. Wonder if I could ever drink syrup and lemon water for a week. It was recomended on a recent detox fad. I'd rather get back on the treadmill and try to deal with sweating.


Anonymous said...

How long can you keep this up? LOL

robatguldies said...

The further one is from their true path, the more blurry and distorted their decision making capabilities. Find out who you are and be your awesome and wonderful self to the best of your ability and put out as much good energy as you can. Free will is the choice each has every moment to decide either to be their awesome and wonderful self or their fragile bag of shit self.
Learn about balance, control and energy, learning and growing, gathering consciousness, and you will be better at being your awesome and wonderful self.
My sincerest best thoughts and good energy for health, happiness and harmony to you and yours.
Sapere aude!
Rob @
I was asked to post here by someone who cares. :-) Sending you love and light.

Jippy said...

Thank you for your wonderful words of support.
I 'll print it out and hang it up to read again and again. ...... pass on my appriciation to the someone who cares and asked you to post here. : )