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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I am a JackPot Captian! California Lottery is sending me a free hat and whistle. If you want to be a captian go check it out. Jackpot Captian I have a confession to make. I am not a gambler. I just buy a ticket every now and then. It gives me a sense of future when I am feeling low about now. I usually feel beeter before the drawing and I sometimes don't check my freakin ticket. I don't want to know, if I have a winning ticket in the bottom of last years Kate Spade. ( it was a hand me down.) I am on a mission. I don't want my son to get the blame for my troubles. I am signing up for things and taking care of business. That means believe it or not, checking my Lotto tickets. Luckily for me if you sign up to be a Jackpot captian they send you the winning numbers via email! Awesome! The catch is you need to be captian of a Lotto Pool. So I am starting a pool. I have three sisters and my mom. My auntie always told me, "Never give away your good luck." So my sisters have to win with me. I can't just give them millions of dollars. Now, I just need some LUCKY NUMBERS! My sister Meg, gave me numbers 23 and 4. If you want to join my Lotto pool, here is a way I think we could do it. Leave me a message saying you want to join up. We come up with the numbers and then we all play those numbers at the same time. Everyone buying their own ticket. It has to play like that because what if we won and your dollar was lost in the mail and our millions got tied up in a legal battle? That would suck! We could Play until the end of the year. It's cool with me if you just want to donate your lucky number.

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Jippy said...

This is really gonna suck for you when I win!