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Friday, November 24, 2006

Oh Happy Girl!

It's been said that on average we consume 3,000 calories on a typical Thanksgiving Day. How did I spend my 3,000? When a brother in law (to be) is from France and he worked in a bakery growing up. There is one word that sums it all up. Truffle. Boosie Gran Manier Truffels. The rest of my 3,000 was well spent on mashed patatoes, pie and wine. I know Truffels and Pie? Can you believe my mom went all the way to Juliane to get pies? If you have ever been there or had these pies you'd belive it. About the wine drinking. I did drink too much to start bragging about the good drink served. Give me something wonderful up front and then I'd be fine with Mad Dog after that. ( If you know what Mad Dog is or have ever drank it, you are in my secret club "Ditching Days")
I didn't get drunk but one of my sisters did. Ha ha, it was funny! We saw her closing in on my other brother in law ( an offical one.) We heard something about Love and his parents and then we heard the same thing again. So Kathryn decides to throw out a "Honey Do," to save her man. The flaw in the plan? Honey, Can you please get me a class of wine! Which meant opening another bottle. OOPs!
In her, " I am not even drunk yet" concern to bring food to her son, Sister packed up all of the leftovers like the Grinch before Christmas. I spent the night there last night and all through out the day today we'd hear, " the cranberry sauce ! she even took all of the cranberry sauce." All that I could think of was my other sister draggng her ass out of bed and opening the fridge to a huge bowl of Cranberry sauce and wondering what the hell am I doing with this?
Christmas, bring it on!


Amy W said...

I totally know what Mad Dog is.

Jippy said...

Amy, You are so in the club! LOL

Brian said...

Avoided the Mad Dog 20/20 and went for the Boones Farm and Tango. Ugh!

Jippy said...

It's ok Brian, Boones farm and Tango will still get you in the club!